How accurate do the measurement have to be?

Follow the directions on the website and watch the video before you measure your pet. Have 2 helpers on hand to keep your pet in a healthy normal stance for measuring. The most important measurements are the width of the dog (E) and the width of the widest part of the thigh (C), as these two constitute the welded frame and are not adjustable. Think of these two measurements as a comfortable loose fit, so there should be sufficient slack to allow the dog to breathe, pant, and move his legs. Make a homemade cardboard caliper to measure the width of your dog. Include the musculature of the upper thigh for the rump measurement. Height and length are adjustable. We work with our customers to make sure that all the measurements fit the standard proportions of most dogs. Call us with your measurements while you have your helpers on hand, and we’ll okay your measurements or ask you to check any numbers that cause us concern. Send your sideview photo of your dog with measuring tape visible to

A profile photo of your pet in a healthy normal stance with a measuring tape visible allows us to check your proportions for A, B, and D.

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