Overview of the ordering process

Molly Mooney

Step 1: Decide who is going to measure

The majority of our customers measure their pet directly with great success! The key is planning and reviewing the ordering instructions ahead of time.

-- or --

If this is challenging, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Step 2: Measure and take a photo

  1. Go to the front wheel, rear wheel or 4-wheel ordering page, and gather the tools needed
  2. Position your pet in a standing position and use a sling or harness if your pet, with a level top line. Not higher up in the front or in the back. If your pet is small, place him/her up on a table.
  3. Take note of your pet's measurments
  4. Take a straight-on, side-view (profile) photo of your pet with a vertical yardstick or measuring tape.

It's important that the photo be taken at dog level (straight on) and not from above. This might mean that you might need to sit on the floor. Examples can be found on the ordering page.

Take a look at the photo, does the A measurement match you see on the photo? If it does, email the photo to info@eddieswheels.com, and in the subject line indicate your pet’s first name and the last name associated with the order.

Step 3: Complete the online order form

No credit card is needed. Once you click submit, the order will be transmitted automatically to us. If you’ve done this successfully, you will receive an email confirmation that will include your pet’s measurements.

Step 4: Eddie’s Wheels evaluation

We will evaluate your order against the photo provided, and will contact you (usually in 24 hrs, M-F) at the phone number or email supplied on your order. Don’t fret if we have questions or need more information. We want to be sure that the cart will fit your pet.

Step 5: Contact us for deposit payment

Once the details of your order are settled, we will ask you for a deposit or full payment (for international orders). We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Step 6: Review and approve your order confirmation via email

Shortly after receiving your billing information, we will email you a confirmation of your order. This step is very important. Your order will not move forward until you’ve reviewed and replied to the order confirmation email.

We will then take payment from your credit card, or PayPal

Step 7: Eddie’s Wheels production

It typically takes between 2-3 weeks to make your pet’s cart. The turn time fluctuates based on the time of the year, and number of carts in the queue.

All carts are custom-made to your pet’s measurements. There’s several steps in the production process. Along the way, we might ask you for more information if needed by our engineer. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong.

We unfortunately cannot compress production times. If you need the cart ASAP, let us know and we can provide you an expedited shipping quote.

Step 8: Shipping confirmation email

Once the cart has finished quality control, we will bill the remaining balance on your credit card. You’ll then receive an email with your paid invoice and tracking number.

Step 9: Unboxing and adjusting your cart

  1. Please take a few minutes to read the instructional manual to become better acquainted with how the cart works.
  2. Place your pet in the cart and connect any straps.
  3. Email us a side photo of your pet in the cart. Include your dog’s name and the last name on the order.
  4. We will review and provide guidance if any areas need to be adjusted.
  5. Take a look at our instructional videos if watching someone else adjust a cart is easier for you.
  6. Keep your set screws tight! Use your toolkit and perform regular maintenance of your cart to keep it rolling and clean

Step 10: Enjoy you life with your pet

Once the cart is adjusted, and the wheel set screws have been tightened, get out there with your pet!