Dear Eddie & Other Fine Wheel-Maker Folk,

Just wanted to thank you for the loaner wheels and send out some pics that perhaps you could forward to Boomer's people with my sincere thanks. Ida took to the wheels so very quickly and we have been thoroughly enjoying our walks again. I was surprised by the lifting of anxiety off my shoulders as instead of watching her stumble and fall on wee walks, I can watch her zip along on longer walks. She took one spill (in her glee she went too fast off a little edge and into a little ditch filled with leaves) but instead of looking the least bit worried (and she is a worrier) she just lay there, on her back, wheels in the air, smiling wide and asking me to rub her belly (don't worry, the wheels, and Ida, were unscathed). Your product is remarkable. So light and secure and easy to maneuver. You have given her, and me, a quality-of-life injection. Thank you so very much.

Kind regards,