Hans, our 12 1/2 year old GSD, was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy on the 19th of September this year. Researching on the Internet, and asking both Hans' vet and aqua-therapist which cart to get for him--we found that everyone said to get Eddie's Wheels. I ordered the cart on the 25th of September, and it arrived on the 17th of October. We strapped him in, and off we went to the river that he as walked along and swam in all his life.

Hans' outings with the cart have been slowly progressing--adding a little more distance each time. He hasn't been out walking for almost a year--though swimming periodically--so his stamina needed to be built up. It has been about a month now, and the difference is remarkable. Hans is more alert, and can walk better without the cart around the house and yard. He is excited again when we start the car, knowing that he too will be going somewhere fun.

Kris & Rik Karlsson