Dear Eddie's Wheels,

I wanted to thank you for Kymmie's new wheels. Kymmie was diagnosed with cancer in his lungs nearly 2 years ago and was treated for it as much as he would allow. About a month ago, we found out that the cancer had progressed to his spine and that he had a limited amount of time left. He lost the ability to walk with his back legs but still had a lot of spirit. We searched many sites on the internet to see what wheels were available that could help him get around. "Eddies Wheels" had the best-looking wheels, and they didn't look to complicated to set them up. We measured Kymmie, and sent in the measurements and got an immediate response to our request.

Because of Kymmie's condition the staff at Eddie's Wheels knew we needed help for him right away. They had Leslie assist us and she checked to see if there were any used wheels that were close to Kymmie's measurements. She found a set of counterbalanced wheels that would fit Kymmie, but we preferred the standard wheels, as Kymmie was still very strong in his front legs. Leslie mentioned that they could modify them and it may take up to a week, but she would see what they could do. Just a few days later, a truly wondrous phone call came that said Kymmie's wheels were ready to go and how would I like to ship them? Of course I wanted them now!!! So we had them overnighted and they just happened to arrive on Kymmie's Mom's (my partner Chris) Birthday. You people are amazingly wonderful for letting Kymmie have a chance at normalcy in his final weeks of residing on this side of the Rainbow Bridge. Please convey our overwhelming gratitude to all your staff and also to the Original owner of these wheels. A special thanks to Leslie for her commitment to making sure her customers are a top priority.

From: Kymmie's Family, Chris, Lynne, Dax, Riker, and Cosmic

Posted: to Eddie's News on Mon, Apr 19, 2010
Updated: Mon, Apr 19, 2010