Dog Wheelchair Review - a year later and rehabilitating

Galahad in his cart with a step-in saddle


I just want to let you know how Galahad is doing with his cart. This is the 1st anniversary of Galahad having his cart. Since he got his cart he has missed very few days walking in the park and those were due to inclement weather. As you can see from the attached picture he loves it. In the winter we walk 1 ¼ miles each day. Once the temperature reaches about 70 we walk ¾ of a mile.

He uses the cart so much that he is on his 2nd set of tires. He wore the 1st down to the reinforcing wire. I replaced them at the beginning of December.

When he walks with my other dogs he has to lead the pack. The cart has allowed him to maintain his alpha status.

A side benefit of the cart is that it provides exercise to his weak back legs.  He has gained enough strength in them that during the warm months he can stand up enough to walk short distances in the house.

Galahad is 11 and I am hoping that he will be able to wear out another set of tires. Last summer he was diagnosed with oral melanoma which appears to be in remission after a series of vaccines.


Melanie I Jennings