Bailey, the paralyzed Cocker Spaniel

Couldn’t use a Walkin Wheels, but Takes off in an Eddie’s Wheels

Bailey, a 5 year cocker paralyzed from disc disease, never gave up

When Kim Pevey called us to make an appointment for an evaluation for Bailey, she had almost come to believe that Bailey would never be able to use a dog wheelchair. They had purchased a Walkin Wheels from Handicapped Pets and Bailey had been unable to move in it. They had even visited Handicapped Pets office in the hopes that they would be able to adjust the cart somehow to make it acceptable for Bailey. But nothing they did, including the addition of front wheels, worked for Bailey. He just kept falling down or rolling backwards.

But the Peveys did not give up on Bailey just because they gave up on the Walkin Wheels. Both their vet and the hydro-therapy practitioner told them to call Eddie's Wheels. When they arrived Bailey was a squirmy energetic little cocker, full of life and energy, but not alot of strength. He had apparently had multiple disc compressions that had affected both his front and rear legs. We were able, however, to try him out in one of our used carts, and with me holding the yoke off his shoulders, he took right off wheeling around the showroom. We decided to build him a counterbalanced cart. That would compensate for his weakness in the front legs and allow him to rebuild his strength and muscle mass in his front legs and shoulders.

Two weeks later, Bailey and the Peveys came back for his custom cart fitting. In the meantime, Kim has been doing acupuncture and massage, putting his little body through passive range of motion exercises at home. He had actually gotten longer since the time we measured him - a phenomenon we see very often (which is why we build several inches of length and height adjustment into each cart). Bailey had gotten so much longer that we made frame extensions on the spot for him. See his fitting here:

The combination of Bailey's spirit and his family's faith in his ability to heal is very inspiring. We're so glad that we were able to help him and look forward to hearing of his progress now that he's mobile once again.