Possum, A Corgi with DM, Hits the Trails

Possum is back on the trails again!

Possum is a corgi with Degenerative Myelopathy. He’s got a variable axle cart which allows Ki to tune to cart’s balance to compensate for any increasing weakness in his front legs as the disease progresses. This is the ideal cart for corgis with DM, as many corgis live for years with this debilitating disease, but still want to get up and go as long as they have some help. You can see the joy in Possum’s smile – he’s glad to be able to run with his pack again.

“Possum is back on the road again and enjoying his cart. He gets excited when we pick up the cart – cause he knows he is going out! He doesn’t want to keep his feet in the stirrups he is still trying to use them.

After we are out for awhile I put his weaker leg on the stirrup and he will leave it there.

I took this picture of him yesterday, if you want to use it on your website that is fine with us! He is so happy, we are thrilled!

Thanks for everything!”