Our Lifetime of your Dog Warranty

Duff, at 5 years old, lounging in his new Eddie’s Wheels in 2007

Duff  is a standard wire-haired dachshund who came to us in 2007 to get a set of wheels.  Duff has intervertebral disc disease and  was paralyzed in his rear legs.  He was delighted with his wheels and made himself comfortable right away,  rolling around our lawns and lounging in the grass – just a typical dachshund back on a roll.

We heard from his family that Duff has put hundreds of miles on his cart, and his wheels were starting to squeak.  Could they come back for a cart tune-up?

Of course!!  We’re always delighted to see our long-term clients and do warranty work on their wheelchairs.  Duff’s cart was in great shape – the padding was still fine, and all the blocks were in perfect alignment.  I noticed how easily the pullpins slipped into the locking yoke blocks – a sure sign that a cart’s been well used for years.  The bushings on the axle bolts were compressed and the wheels were slightly wobbly from wearing down the axle bolts.  We decided to replace the complete axle assembly and put new wheels on his cart,  replaced the rear crossbar padding that was shredded from bouncing down curbs, and put Duff back in his newly refurbished cart.

AT NO CHARGE!   That’s right – any wear and tear that happens due to normal use is covered by our warranty.  We expect that dachshunds, especially, can be expected to use their carts for 10 years. This warranty doesn’t cover damage due to negligence – we expect the owner to take good care of the cart – that means tightening up set screws and keeping the cart clean.  But if the axles wear out, we’ll send you new ones.  If the padding needs to be restored, we’ll do it on our dime.

Duff goes back to sniffin’ in the leaves in his refurbished 5 year old cart. Navaho put thousands of miles chasing balls in the cart he used for 7 of his 14 good years.