Best Value for the price

Cheaper in the beginning is not always cheaper in the long run


"WOW, just WOW! We have recently gotten an Eddie’s Wheels Chair and it is making such a difference in my pups life. He went in a chair 4-1/2 years ago at 7 years old. He is now 11-1/2 and has been really slowing down pulling his heavy Walkin Wheels chair. The Eddie’s Wheels chair is light as a feather and he’s able to run again!
I’ve also spent upwards of $2k buying parts, wheels, frames, etc from Walkin Wheels Handicapped Pets. He’s on his 3rd chair from them. With Eddie’s Wheels, all parts and the chair is warrantied for life. If I knew then what I know now, Eddie’s Wheels would have been way cheaper and better for us in the long run. If you need a chair, definitely do your research. Cheaper in the beginning is not always cheaper in the long run. Eddie’s Wheels for the win." Tannette Eyres

Every day we talk with caregivers of recently disabled dogs who are facing hard decisions about how to provide the best care for their companion animals. Faced with a bewildering array of costly options - including MRI's, surgery, and rehab, it's hard to know exactly what the right choice is for your family and your pet.

For example, many dogs become paralyzed due to intervertebal disc disease,which is common among dachshunds and French bulldogs. Usually young, these dogs may be facing a lifetime on wheels. Some may not be surgical candidates.. And while rehab can be effective, it takes time, often months, and in the meantime, your pet relies on your assistance to get exercise. Conservative management of disc disease recommends 6 weeks of crate rest before making a commitment to ordering a wheelchair, as some properly managed dogs will recover mobility on their own.

And while pre-made adjustable carts are less expensive initially, and easy to order, they may not last the test of time and hard use. We hear from many customers that they are upgrading their dog's wheelchair because they are spending money repairing and replacing parts on these cheaper pre-made carts.

A properly maintained Eddie's Wheels cart will last for years. Our dachshund, Daisy, used her cart for 10 years, and we donated it to a rescue after she died at the age of 17. The only required maintenance consists of making sure that all the set screws are checked and snugged up periodically, and the yoke kept closed and locked at all times. If you are anticipating years of use from a dog wheelchair, a quality custombuilt product is a good investment in your dog's future!