Yes - Disabled Cats DO Use Wheelchairs

We are often asked if disabled cats adapt to wheelchairs. Just take a look at Yoda.In this video, you can see that Yoda is completely relaxed using his wheels outside. And as seen in this video, Yoda's rehabilitating in his cart, using his rear legs to help propel the wheels.

We have collaborated with cat owners to successfully fit disabled cats in carts. Cats ARE cats - not dogs - and their first instinct when placed into any device is to try to climb out of it. You have to use some cat psychology when introducing wheels to a kitty.


The first thing we do after we receive an order for a cat is to send out a cat harness for the cat to get used to wearing while we build the wheelchair.  The cat harness should be put on the cat to wear at all times, so that he gets used to wearing something.....and once the cart arrives,  a piece of double-sided velcro is used to attach the cat harness to yoke of the cart.  The cat cannot escape, and after a period of transition, comes to accept the wheels.

The challenge then becomes how to make this wheelchair fun.  We recommend that cats who use carts need to let outside to explore the world in their carts.   The life of an indoor cat is simply not interesting enough to justify putting up with any apparatus, and cats are easily bored.