From Chris

Hi Leslie,

First things first.

The cart is GREAT!. Tory is ripping around in it. She loves it.

Its very well made, and fits her very well.

I ended up taking off the stirrups ‘cause she doesn't really need them.

Here is a video of her the day we got the cart.

Feel free to add this to your site if you want. First video is her without the cart, 2nd video is her in the cart the day we got it (you'll see the shipping box in the video :-)

One thing we would like to know is how much a set of wheels like the ones in the attached picture would cost?
The wheels that it currently has are great for indoors and on carpet, but we would like to get some of the pneumatic ones for outside and off road.
Thanks again for such a great product. Its really helping her get around and exercise.