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Training Tri-Paws to use a front wheel cart

  We make alot of front wheel carts - they account for a good percentage of our business.  Most of these dogs have deformities of the forelimbs or are missing them altogether, and since the cart effectively takes the place of the front legs, these dogs learn very quickly how to balance and steer their… Read More

When Is It Time to Get a Wheelchair for your Pet?

Haida loved wading in her cart.

We hear this question alot,  "When is the right time to order a cart for my pet?"  This is a common question for owners of pets who are becoming increasing challenged due to degenerative myelopathy.  Typically, dogs with DM  start scraping their toenails on the pavement  6 - 9 months before they are so unstable… Read More

Adjustable Clinic Quad Carts Support Advanced Surgeries

Eddie's Wheels Conic Quad

It's taken some time, but with advances in veterinary care such as TPLO, PennHip and ventral slot surgeries,  veterinarians and their clients alike are looking for safer, better ways to support those surgeries.  Safely moving, transferring and supporting a groggy painful dog with towels and slings is unsafe for animals and the vet techs.  That's… Read More